The CO2 footprint is in focus for Elcowire. We already have products with the copper industries lowest CO2 footprint, but we need to do much more to minimize the carbon footprint throughout our value chain, find alternative energy solutions, optimize our transport solutions and convince our market to use Low-carbon Copper.

Inside Elcowire in Helsingborg and within the group, there are many knowledgeable engineers. We always need to connect with future employees, share ideas and develop Elcowire and our customers together.

What more can we improve? We are now talking about Energy Optimization (BioGas), reducing fossil energy sources, increasing the use of green energy, working with innovations in our production process, electrifying all transport, making sustainable purchases…

As a student engineer, are you interested in collaborating with us in our development for a sustainable future?

We want to offer the opportunity for you to visit our site in Helsingborg, work a few weeks in the summer and write your ex-job in one of the above areas.

Send your personal letter and CV to

Mark your expression of interest with ”Elcowire – company visit”, ”Elcowire – Summer job” or ”Elcowire – ex-job” in the subject line. If you are interested in ex-jobs, also please write an extract of your idea and proposed schedule.

Welcome to Elcowire!