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We understand that sustainability cannot simply be directed by company policy. It’s about how we live every single day. And each one of us has an important and active role to play. How we work with each other, speak to one another and what we say shapes our actions – both on and off the job. In this way, it becomes a positive feedback loop that influences our behaviour and the behaviour of those around us.

These ideas are captured in Elcowire’s values: Responsibility, Trust, Respect and Passion.

Because change is only possible when we work together to make it happen. At the end of the day, it’s a team effort.

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expanding our global influence

Minimising our carbon footprint, and the carbon footprints of our customers, is fundamental to everything we do. Today our technologies form the core of emobility and clean energy solutions, as well as transportation infrastructure and communications networks, enabling greener ways to meet tomorrow’s electricity needs.

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