code of conduct

IMAGE: “Lady Justice” with weight scale, an international symbol for law and justice.

Fredrik Adlercreutz, BU Head Elcowire Rod:

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a blueprint for building a better world for all people. In addition to setting out a better path for our environment, they put an equally strong focus on human rights and developing a more equal society. The same ideas also shape how we at Elcowire approach our work both internally and across the supply chain.
“It’s crucial for us to be seen as a trusted business partner that always acts in an honest and ethical manner,” says Fredrik Adlercreutz, Sales Director at Elcowire. “This has been the thinking behind our Code of Conduct, which has been implemented across the group and made available to employees in all languages in which we operate.”

The Elcowire Code of Conduct guides what we expect from our team as well as the suppliers we work with. Anti-corruption policies that ensure fair competition are its core. The document also outlines human rights practices, including an anti-discrimination clause and zero tolerance on forced and child labour. To ensure we can uphold these values, we have a whistleblowing principle that allows any employee to safely report a breach of policy to the highest levels of the company.

“As a business that relies heavily on a supply of minerals, ethical sourcing of our raw materials is also a big concern for Elcowire. Many minerals are mined in conflict areas, where workers can be subjected to dangerous conditions, such as the presence of forced and child labour. We therefore strive to only purchase conflict-free materials in keeping with both the UN goals as well as forthcoming EU legislation”, Fredrik concludes.

Working with The Responsible Minerals Initiative, Elcowire uses only certified conflict-free smelters, and ongoing risk-assessment is central to our sub-supplier policies.