“We are now setting our sights on being able to provide our customers with products that have a zero-carbon footprint. This means working across the supply chain – in our own production, as well as with the mines and smelters on whom we rely – to move from fossil-fuel-based power to 100% clean energy.”




As one of the leading suppliers of wire rod-based products and services, Elcowire provides copper and aluminium solutions that form an essential component in electrical and infrastructural projects all around the world. By creating new possibilities in everything from wind farms and electric vehicles to railways, our innovations are contributing to the decarbonisation of our economy. Minimising our carbon footprint, and the carbon footprints of our customers, is fundamental to everything we do. Today our technologies form the core of emobility and clean energy solutions, as well as transportation infrastructure and communications networks, enabling greener ways to meet tomorrow’s electricity needs However, our vision goes beyond the products we create. Together with our partners, we are committed to building a sustainable society across the supply chain. It starts with our selection of raw materials: sourced from the world’s most environmentally responsible mines and smelters in the Nordic countries and transported in the cleanest way possible.

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Sustainability Report 2022