Our Copper Cathodes marked ”Low Carbon Copper” have been produced using processes which enable a siginificant reduction of CO2-Emissions by more than 50% per kg Cu.
Low-carbon Copper will play an important role in the sustainable transition to achieve the goal of net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050 set by the EU.

The copper cathodes that we use in our production come from mines and smelters in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Production there has undergone a substantial transformation due to electrification of various stages of the process. The new Low-carbon Copper has also been made possible by a very efficient ore concentration process and a world-class green energy mix. Elcowire wants to set an example by producing semi-finished and finished products that have a low impact on na ture and the climate. And we are proud to be on board in that transition.

The reduced CO2 emissions of our Low-carbon Copper have been validated scientifically, and will help our customers to achieve their emission reduction targets faster and more efficiently. As Northern Europe’s leading provider of copper wire products Elcowire is devoted to supporting our planet’s shift to greener energy sources and raw materials. We focus on developing solutions that enable electrification of transport, expanding solar and wind power sources and the widespread growth of a modern and sustainable infrastructure. The introduction of Low-carbon Copper in our production is a great move towards that goal.

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Our Low-carbon Copper has less than half of the global average CO2 emissions per kg of copper quoted by the International Copper Association (ICA).

We are offering Low-Carbon Copper to customers that value an efficient improvement supporting policies and fulfilling obligations for lowering their CO2 footprint.

The mines and smelters where our copper cathodes are produced achieve a lower CO2 footprint than the industry average due to higher efficiency and level of electrification, in combination with fossil free-energy sources.

The footprint has been calculated in accordance with the GHG Protocol Product Standard and ISO 14064-3 with supp ort from Sphera. It has also been verified to comply with the GHG Protocol and reviewed according to the principles of ISO 14064-3 b y a third party, Intertek.

Our Low-carbon Copper cathodes are produced at Rönnskärsverken in Sweden and Harjavalta in Finland by Boliden.

When calculating the CO2 footprint, Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions have been included. All categories in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol with a relevant impact on the final carbon footprint from cradle-to-Elcowire gate are included.