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Sustainable business planning means investing in the growth of our employees. Each member of our team is an important link in the chain that forms Elcowire.
Their growth is our growth, and we have therefore created an internal model to guide professional development meetings between managers and employees. Those conversations allow us to identify opportunities for an individual to gain further insight and expertise in their role. As an organisation, we can also use these talks to further improve the climate of our workplace and build more efficient workflows.



Vi bygger ut vår Underhållsavdelning och söker en engagerad och duktig mekaniker med hjärtat på rätta stället till produktionen på Elcowire i Helsingborg.


Till produktionen i Helsingborg söker vi ännu en driven industrielektriker som vill vara med och bidra i Elcowires spännande vidareutveckling som en av europas ledande aktörer inom sin bransch.

master thesis

We want to offer the opportunity for you to visit our site in Helsingborg, work a few weeks in the summer and write your ex-job.


part of a sustainable future

Get the inside story what it’s really like when you are ready with your studies and it is time for work. Marie Moses is sharing her story with us.

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