report misconduct

whistle blowing

Elcowire’s whistleblowing channel

  • Here you have the opportunity to report misconduct that you are aware of, or suspect, has happened or will happen at Elcowire. The channel is only to be used to report about misconduct in work related situations and only if you have reason to suspect that your information is true.

Who can report?

The Whistleblowing Channel is available “24/7″ for anyone who wishes to report any observed or suspected serious irregularity at Elcowire; including all employees, consultants, contractors, suppliers and other internal and external stakeholders.

How does it work?

  • First you select how you want to leave your report. You can also decide wether to include your email address with the report, or to remain anonymous. Regardless if you’re anonymous or not it’s possible to come back and follow up on your case after submitting the report.
  • Then you will receive confirmation that the report is sent, a case id and password which you can use, regardless if you’re anonymous or not, to later come back and follow-up on the case. Even if you choose to report via physical meeting or phone call you can also follow-up the case digitally if you want.
  • Reports will be received by appointed administrators at Elcowire. No-one else can read the report you sent. If you entered an email-adress you will be notified when the case changes status and if there are questions from the organisation to you. We will then handle your identity with confidentiality and won’t reveal it unless necessary for the case.

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Reports concerning operations in Sweden will be handled by HR Manager Helsingborg. Reports concerning operations in Germany will be handled by HR Manager Hettstedt.