"As part of the ”Electrification Südbahn” construction project (Ulm - Friedrichshafen - Lindau), the SPITZKE group of companies is installing in the overhead contact line of the type Re 200 bronze messenger wire 50 mm²-7x3.00 mm and VALTHERMO contact wire AC-100 mm², which has proven itself over many years of Elcowire Rail deliveries. In addition to the cooperative and constructive cooperation with Elcowire Rail, we particularly value the reliable product quality and the well-functioning logistics service. Together with Elcowire Rail, we are proud to be making our contribution to the sustainable development of rail infrastructure by building such systems with a long service life. ”
Dr. Alexander von Lieven
Leiter Unternehmensbereich Ausrüstung & Elektrotechnik



  • With 57.0 km it is the longest railway tunnel in the world
  • 228 km of railway material and 190,000 concrete sleepers
  • 2,800 km of cables for the power supply and data com.
  • Supply of 850 km Cu and 100 km Al wires (feeders/return cond.)


  • Supply of 500 km of 150 mm²
    CuMg contact wire

  • High Speed Line Madrid-Barc., designed for 350 km/h

  • First line in Europe with automatic tensioning devices up to 31.5 kN mechanical force

  • Deliveries 2001 – 2003


  • Network of 2.060 km

  • 900.000 travelers per day

  • Contact Wire. DC 1.500 V


  • Total length of 25 km
  • Replace busiest bus line in Helsinki
  • Approx. 40.000 passangers
  • Approx 91.000 passeng./day by 2030
  • >1,2 km Dropper wire
  • >50 km of Valthermo contact wire
  • >50 km 70 mm² Cu messenger wire

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